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BHBC Racing

We run regular racing events at the official BHBC FPV grounds at Biggleswade Rugby Club. We charge £5 per session for racing and the racing will last as long as a “race master” is available to run the event.

There are some rules which need to be followed and also a strict process in place to ensure that everyone has a good, fair, safe and uninterrupted racing experience.

All fees are to be paid IN ADVANCE of race day, this can be up to the night before as long as you can get hold of a race master to confirm your booking and frequency allocation. Fees are non-refundable.

  • VTX power output must be set to 25mw and your VTX must be capable of 40 channels including “Race Band”. VTX’s which can be adjusted under “pit mode” are preferential.
  • If your group is not flying your quad must be turned off and remain off. If your group is flying then no mini-quads are to be powered up (or brought into, while powered up) the pilot racing area, even if you know your frequency is not in use.
  • No humans to enter the race track while a race is in progress. It doesn’t matter if you crash in the first 5 seconds of the race, you will get another chance.

The process to get yourself ready and enjoy a day of racing is set out below:

 1.If its your first time flying with us please enter your details here 

2.To chose a vtx frequency for this weeks race click here to see whats available  

3.Book your frequency here .. sign up and fill out the short form  this will need to be done each week you fly !!!  (dont panic it takes 10 secs)

4.Configure your VTX settings on your mini-quad BEFORE you arrive at the event.

During the event the race master will typically divide the group into at least two groups and will limit the number of laps so that each battery will last two races, the reason for this is that it’s incredibly frustrating if you crash out early in the race and have to wait for your next turn.

When it is your group’s turn to race you will power up your multi-rotor on the start line, test that it arms and then return the pilot area. The race will then start and will complete when either everyone has crashed or the last pilot in the air has completed their laps. At this point the race will then restart for a second time before the next group gets their turn.

Your race masters are:


  • Stuart England
  • Jason Venn
  • Simon Taylor
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