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These top 3 videos simply show you what response you get when you move the sticks on your TX (transmitter)

the very basiscs of flying a “drone” 


Just the very basics of what happens when you move the transmitter sticks … that it !! 

Once you understand the top three videos spend hours and hours practicing  until you can fly competently doing circles and figures of 8 .

It can be frustrating at first but we have ALL been there . Ive noticed over the years if you come from a gaming background you may pick it up a bit easier .

Below are the first steps of “ACRO”  Flying Acro is flying without any help from the FC (flight controller ) . Here we will  learn the basics of rolls flips and various other flying Techniques  


Learning to fly Acrco

Let’s get back to basics! I hope this helps out some of you out there wanting to get into freestyle acro with your miniquads. In this tutorial we look at how to set up for many popular manoeuvres by some of todays top FPV pilots. If you would like to see more basic tutorials like this, please let me know. Have fun and fly safe! NJ 

15mph winds?? I dont care! The weather has been grounding me for too long and i had to fly. I found a gap in the weather just long enough to capture some flight footage and Blackbox data for this popular manoeuvre, the ‘peekaboo’. Whilst this is a little more towards the advanced side, like everything out there, it can be broken down into sections and learned. I hope this helps a few of you out that are interested in taking this one on.

Time for some more manoeuvre breakdowns, this time in the more advanced category with the Back-Roll-Flip! Made popular by the fantastic Mr.Steele, this was one manoeuvre i just had to learn. I hope you can have fun with it too! 

I KNOW i said helicopter a few times.. lol it was late and my head was in heli mode :p

Another requested tutorial today with the slightly intimidating, inverted yaw!

Ready for some more fpv Acro school fun to digest? Give these anti-gravity flips a try!

In the eternal hunt for that golden tune, i discuss a few other things worth bearing in mind. Tuning your PIDs to death is only a part of the total solution to a better flight experience. 

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