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How to start FPV flying / Racing If you fancy flying a foot of the ground at over 70 mph, round trees and through race gates then read on… If you want to learn how to improve your aerial photography we have members who are purely into that. You are in a good place to start.

We are a group of like minded individuals who appreciate that you have to start somewhere. Advice on equipment and building the right aircraft for you is readily available on the facebook group and facebook chats.

Nearly all our flying is done FPV – First Person View – looking at a camera on the front of the aircraft via goggles or a screen. You can build your first quad. You can buy a new prebuilt quad or buy second hand. There is no best choice for you as we are all individuals… Building your first quad is a great experience – it will be hair pullingly frustrating at times but help is on hand.

Do come and see us. We promote safe fun flying which means knowing the legal requirements of multirotor flying and staying within the rules. We strongly recommend insurance from the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) or FPVUK a specialist multirotor provider.

Technology and equipment moves at an extraordinary pace and older set ups ideal for a beginner and intermediate fliers are often available at very fair pricing within the group.

Come along to one of our meetings and see what we do.  To fly a FPV quadcopter you will need the following equipment – a controller. A quadcopter. Goggles or screen a receiver ..


Flying drones can be tricky especially when learning . we strongly recommend 3rd part insurance .

If you fly with us at BHBC-FPV we INSIST on you having insurance cover . 

Its not expensive and covers in case you do damage to something or someone (as long as you were flying  within the UK Law  )


You can get insurance from below 



Its imperative you also follow the law at all times . Find out about it HERE


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