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Hi and welcome to the BHBC multirotor group. If you own a drone, and you’re ready to find out what all the hype is about, you’re absolutely in the right place! BHBC Multirotors are an ever growing group of friendly FPV (first person view) enthusiasts from within the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire areas.

We regularly organise meet ups for both racing and freestyle flying, help promote safe, responsible flying and collectively provide decades of RC knowledge to those getting into the hobby.

Whether you are unsure about what you need to get going, learning to fly, struggling with building your own, or a seasoned pilot just looking for people to fly with and safe spots to fly we are here to help, so come and say hi! NJ – Admin


Flying multrotors (drones) is fantastic fun . Its a steep learning curve and can become very expensive ,but doesn’t have to be . You will crash . You will break bits . You may even end up divorced .Its a hobby that requires patience.

Nothing ever seems to be straight forward especially  if your building your own from scratch .  Please read the Safety and Law section . The public at the moment seem to have a dim view of drones, mainly because of a few prats that fly dangerously and have no respect for the hobby.  So fly safe and have fun . This site will mainly be on FPV racing quads that are small and fast . not normally the type the pubic associate with the invasion of privacy 

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